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  • Premium Tartan Dog Harness Collection

    Welcome to our cosy corner for tartan dog harnesses, where style meets the wagging tails of happy pups everywhere. Whether you're after the bold vibes of our red tartan dog harness or the earthy tones of our green tartan harness, we've got your buddy covered with a look that’s sure to turn heads at the dog park.

    Our Trail and Glow harness caters to both small and large pups, streamlining your life with a lockable clasp at the neck for a swift, secure snap-on — absolutely no fuss. For the Glow harness, suited for dogs of all sizes, we've embraced simplicity with a classic step-in design that's just as quick to get your pal ready for fun.

    We're not just about looks here; we're all about the extras that make every walk a breeze. Think reflective strips for those after-dark adventures, and a handle on the back for when you need to keep your furry friend close.

    Comfort? Check. Our harnesses come with a breathable, quick-dry mesh lining that makes every trot, sprint, or roll in the grass a cool experience. And with a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the snug fit your dog needs to feel great and look sharp.

    But wait, there’s more – we've got the whole set! Matching collars, leads, bow ties, and even poop bag holders to make sure your pup is the most dapper doggo out there. Whether it’s a full tartan get-up or just a splash of Scottish charm, we’re here to make sure your dog struts their stuff in style and comfort.

    Get your paws on Bailey and Coco's Tartan Dog Harnesses for the ultimate blend of style and safety. Make every walk a celebration with our Scottish-inspired designs!